Tribal Governance

At Kewenvoyouma Law, PLLC, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services to tribes and tribal organizations. With deep respect for tribal sovereignty and culture, our experienced attorneys are committed to protecting the rights and interests of tribal governments and their members.

Areas of Practice:

Tribal Law and Governance: Our firm assists tribes in developing, implementing, and enforcing tribal laws and regulations, including tribal constitutions, bylaws, codes, and policies. We provide legal advice on matters such as tribal governance structures, tribal elections, sovereignty issues, and intergovernmental relations.

Federal Indian Law: Our attorneys have extensive experience in federal Indian law and represent tribes in negotiations with federal agencies, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Department of the Interior (DOI), and Indian Health Service (IHS). We provide legal counsel on federal recognition, land acquisitions, trust land issues, natural resources, and cultural preservation.

Tribal Economic Development: Our firm works with tribes to develop and implement strategies for economic development, including business formation, financing, contracting, and taxation. We advise on issues related to tribal enterprises, gaming and gaming regulations, energy development, and other economic initiatives that promote self-sufficiency and prosperity for tribal communities.

Tribal Dispute Resolution: Our attorneys are skilled in resolving disputes involving tribes and tribal entities, both internally and externally. We provide negotiation, mediation, and arbitration services, and represent tribes in tribal court, federal court, and administrative hearings. We also assist tribes in developing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and tribal court systems.

Cultural Preservation and Natural Resources: Our firm is dedicated to protecting and preserving tribal cultural heritage and natural resources. We provide legal counsel on issues such as tribal historic preservation, repatriation of ancestral remains and cultural items, environmental protection, and natural resource management. We work with tribes to develop tribal laws and policies that promote sustainable use of natural resources and protect tribal cultural identity.