Indian Child Welfare

Tribal governance includes the primary duty of providing for the future leaders of the tribe. In many cases, minor tribal members and those that are eligible for enrollment are faced with hardships involving their immediate environment. Because they are often unable to speak for themselves, tribal government is able to act on their behalf to meet their best interests under the Indian Child Welfare Act as well as other laws, authorities and precedent, including traditional and customary law. Our attorneys have years of experience in securing the best interests of children subject to the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). More specifically, our attorneys:

Have managed large ICWA caseloads in both tribal and state court forums; including the preservation of tribal sovereignty and strengthening the tribe’s role in preserving the minor’s interests.
Have provided assistance in draft and review the provisions related to ICWA cases tribal court ordinances and helped create the court rules for the tribal court, including rules related to ICWA cases and the creation of guardianships.
Have participated in various municipal and state discussions and versions of amendments to law pertaining to Indian Child Welfare cases, the implementation of such laws and the enforcement of tribal court orders outside of tribal jurisdictional boundaries.
Have represented individuals asserting the application of ICWA in matters involving children.