Government Affairs

We specialize in providing expert legal services in the area of Government Affairs for Native American tribes and indigenous communities. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to advocating for tribal interests at all levels of government and ensuring that our clients’ rights and sovereignty are protected. Read on to learn more about our Government Affairs practice area and how we can assist your tribe or indigenous community.

As Native American tribes and indigenous communities navigate the complex legal landscape of government relations, our firm offers comprehensive Government Affairs services to effectively represent their interests. Our attorneys work closely with tribal leaders, tribal governments, and tribal organizations to provide strategic advice and advocacy to address the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in the governmental arena.

Our Services:
Our Government Affairs practice area encompasses a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs and goals of our tribal clients. Some of our key services include:

Federal and State Government Relations: We provide skilled representation in dealing with federal, state, and local government entities to advance tribal interests. This includes advocating for tribes in matters related to policy and legislative initiatives, government funding, regulatory compliance, and administrative proceedings.

Lobbying and Advocacy: Our attorneys are skilled lobbyists and advocates who work diligently to protect and promote the interests of tribes before governmental bodies. We engage in strategic advocacy efforts to educate policymakers, build coalitions, and shape public policy in favor of our clients’ objectives.

Tribal Consultation and Negotiation: We assist tribes in engaging in government-to-government consultation and negotiation with federal, state, and local agencies. We provide guidance on issues such as natural resources management, cultural preservation, land use planning, economic development, and intergovernmental relations.

Election Law and Campaign Finance: Our firm has deep expertise in advising tribes on election law matters, including drafting tribal election codes, managing tribal elections, and ensuring compliance with campaign finance laws. We also provide guidance on political action committees (PACs) and political contributions.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Our attorneys have a proven track record of representing tribes in litigation and dispute resolution related to government affairs. We handle matters such as federal and state court litigation, administrative hearings, tribal court disputes, and alternative dispute resolution.